DIY 360 degree video

About my DIY 360 degree camcorder

Video rig and related stitching problems

360 video recording and synchronisation


Auto vs Manual White Balance.

360 degree video assembling.

Preparing series of images.

Geometric template.

Shrinking images.

Stitching images to 360 video frames.

RAM disk as a working directory.

Coverting frames to a 360 video and publishing.

Multiblend on my Linux box


ASCII video and panorama

NEW! Libcaca video

NEW! Jp2a video

OUTDATED! Jp2a video

AAlib video

OUTDATED! Libcaca video

360 ASCII panorama


Other ...

Hero4 black fisheye correction using kdenlive.

Linux to cifs/smb share rsync.

AMDGPU-PRO and Vega 56 setup on my Ubuntu 16.04.

Back to traditional Vim settings.

Virtualbox: time sync and encrypted VM commandline start.

Youtube 360Cities

Auto vs Manual White Balance and related problems.

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Mobius basic settings

Mobius, basic settings.

Mobius misc settings

Mobius, misc settings.

Mobius video mode 1 settings

Mobius, video mode 1 settings.

Mobius manual white balance settings

Mobius, advanced image settings.

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